2 Days of Body tales with EMILIANA TSOUKALA

2 Days of Body tales

Day 1: Handstand: The position that turns the world upside down.The handstand pose or in Sanskrit Adho mukha vrkasana(the upside down tree) is one of the most challenging poses in yoga. It takes perseverance, patience and dedication. It is one of the postures where the whole body is present, both physically and mentally. One needs to feel the entire body fully present in order to bring it into balance and stand in it for a while.The handstand exposes us to a change of perspective,loss of control and fear of falling. It balances between control and release of control. It invites us to take risks,to trust our hands,always with whole body awareness. It teaches us to fall and get up again and again. It teaches us that failure is often the only way to success.In this workshop we will be introduced to the handstand and its technique. The way we approach it and the difficulties we will face. We will explore the obstacles it brings us on a deeper,more psychological level and what it can teach us as a practice.All levels of practice are welcome, as variations will be given personally to each person.

Day 2: A heartfull practice

Backbends, at a physical level, create space across the front of the body, especially in the chest and shoulders, while strengthening the back and buttocks.
They are positions that often make it difficult or scary for us,as our modern lifestyle “closes” us to the opposite posture. Like in all asanas we can experience them through muscular activation but also through the activation of the breath and the bandhas (energy valves or locks).And as the body is not only the physical one, these positions affect both our energetic and emotional body and “open” the way to the heart.
This workshop will dive into this opening,starting with the physical body through a vinyasa yoga approach,exploring the psychological effect they have on body and spirit

All levels of practice are welcome, as allways.


Emiliana came into contact with yoga in 2009, alongside her involvement with dance. The reason why yoga finally won her heart, and she chose to follow it, is the respect with which treats the body, the connection between breath and movement, the simplicity and depth involved in it, as opposed to the western approach of practicing. She later came to understand that yoga is a lifestyle suggestion, a philosophy that has studied human nature in depth and has offered answers to many questions of humanity.

Her desire to explore the path of yoga in greater depth, and in particular her love for the full flow of Vinyasa, led her to attend the 200-hour RYT training program of EYS with instructor Panos Katsandris. She then trained in yoga for pregnancy and is currently completing the 500 hour training. She continues to be interested in continuing education on yoga and therefore attends various seminars on yoga.

At the same time, she trained in Dramatherapy, a method of psychotherapy using art as a tool, and through the marriage of these, she has a dream to offer a holistic way of healing, thus contributing to the human quest towards self-awareness and self-healing.


18. & 19.05.


14:00 - 16:30


Both days 75 Euro
Each day 45 Euro

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